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Introducing Nosferatu Distillery's Vatted Rye and Corn Whiskey, a testament to our passion for crafting exceptional spirits. Crafted under the cloak of night, it emerges from 'The Eclipsed Barrel,' a cask aged in the shadows of a long-forgotten cellar.


Immersed in a rich, shadowy depth reminiscent of the enduring mystique of Nosferatu, our whiskey wholeheartedly embraces its nocturnal essence .Aged for an average of 42 months, it's a symphony of flavours born from a blend of French and American oak barrels.


The French oak barrels, akin to ancient relics, bestow a symphony of sweetness, spice, fruitiness, and subtle port-like notes. Meanwhile, the American oak barrels, heavily toasted in the fires of intrigue, add whispers of vanilla and a touch of smokiness to the blend.


The journey continues with our corn, aged for an uninterrupted 5 years, distilled with unwavering precision in a direct-fired copper pot. The rye, with its own enigmatic charm, undergoes a fusion of column and pot distillation, adding layers of complexity to this timeless concoction.


Nosferatu Distillery's Vatted Rye and Corn Whiskey is a masterpiece crafted in the shadows, a tribute to our unwavering commitment to exceptional spirits. Sip it neat to uncover its intricate layers or revel in the allure of a classic old fashioned cocktail. As you raise your glass, remember to pay homage to the artistry that is Nosferatu Distillery. Cheers to the dark enchantment.


No Artificial Colours


Nosferatu Rye + Corn Whiskey

SKU: ND/WhiskR+C500
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