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Introducing Nosferatu Distillery's Vatted Rye and Corn Whiskey, a testament to our passion for crafting exceptional spirits. Crafted under the cloak of night, it emerges from 'The Eclipsed Barrel,' a cask aged in the shadows of a long-forgotten Bowen Hills cellar.

Immersed in a rich, shadowy depth reminiscent of the enduring mystique of Nosferatu, our whiskey wholeheartedly embraces its nocturnal essence. Aged for an average of 42 months, it's a symphony of flavours born from a blend of French and American oak barrels.

The French oak barrels, akin to ancient relics, bestow a symphony of sweetness, spice, fruitiness, and subtle port-like notes. Meanwhile, the American oak barrels, heavily toasted in the fires of intrigue, add whispers of vanilla and a touch of smokiness to the blend.

The journey continues with our corn, aged for an uninterrupted 5 years, distilled with unwavering precision in a direct-fired copper pot. The rye, with its own enigmatic charm, undergoes a fusion of column and pot distillation, adding layers of complexity to this timeless concoction.

Nosferatu Distillery's Vatted Rye and Corn Whiskey is a masterpiece crafted in the shadows, a tribute to our unwavering commitment to exceptional spirits. Sip it neat to uncover its intricate layers or revel in the allure of a classic old fashioned cocktail. As you raise your glass, remember to pay homage to the artistry that is Nosferatu Distillery. Cheers to the dark enchantment.

Made at Nosferatu Distillery in Queensland, Australia.


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