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Happy  Pavlova Day, May8! 

Nosferatu Distillery aims at promoting May 8, 2024, as Pavlova Day after the famed ballerina Anna Pavlova, who toured Australia and New Zealand in 1926 and inspired the billowy dessert Pavlova that over time became quintessentially Australian. Pavlova Day symbolizes the fusion of cultural influences that define modern Australia. Nosferatu Distillery honours this heritage through its commitment to crafting premium spirits that embody the essence of Australian culture.

Additionally, we acknowledge and respect the individual contributions we make and that our communities make to Australia as we celebrate Pavlova Day on May 8. So join with some may8s and celebrate together the country we call home.

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The Pavlova Day draw winners will be notified via email or phone during the promotional period. 

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